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  • Watch Full Movie Summer ’03 (2018)

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  • Amanda 2060 Algonquin Drive Scotch Plains, NJ

    “All of the men working with Checchio were friendly and I was exceptionally pleased with their work.”

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  • Neil & Gail Switsky 1861 Raritan Road Scotch Plains, NJ

    “Our driveway looks fantastic thanks to Ralph Checchio, Inc. Everyone there was professional and courteous. The work that was done was incredible. Checchio’s workers work hard and do not stop until it is complete and perfect. Guy and Mike were very informative and quick to answer any of our questions. We could not recommend Ralph Checchio, Inc. enough! They are by far the best in town! (After the driveway was complete our lawn guy rode ...

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  • Bill Morrissey 308 Wells Street Westfield, NJ

    “Our old driveway was old, cracked and long overdue for replacement. In just one week’s time, the crew at Checchio Paving quickly and efficiently gave us a beautiful Belgium block lined driveway that’s the envy of the neighborhood”

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  • Ken Lantz 124 Harrow Road Westfield, NJ

    “Very nice job on the estimate, installation and follow-up. Thank you”

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  • Sam & Sheryl Della Fera 540 Coleman Place Westfield, NJ

    “A quality job done on a budget. Mike was terrific.”

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  • Jose & Vito Plainfield, NJ

    “Mike – Thanks for everything! Looks Great!”

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  • Chris & Maryanne Boissonneault. 2094 Meadowview Road, Scotch Plains, NJ

    “We used Ralph Checchio Inc. to widen our driveway and laid a paver walkway & patio as well as a small wall and paver entrance to our front door. They were so quick, clean and professional we referred them to 4 friends who also used them. We couldn’t be happier with our finished job or with working with them. I would recommend them to anyone to do a fantastic job. They are a great group ...

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  • 21 Watson Road Fanwood, NJ

    “It is a work of art! A neighbor, working his lawn, stopped what he was doing & came over to me to say, “Congratulations” on your beautiful project. He also noted he watched the project being done and was impressed how it was executed. I saw only the paving part being done. It was like a well executed ballet. Everyone who has come to the house has used one word to describe the driveway, beautiful; ...

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  • Mary Modlin 1991 Brookside Drive, Scotch Plains NJ

    “I would like to mention that your men did a wonderful job on my driveway. They were efficient, on time and cleaned the premises well. You can be sure that I will recommend your firm to my neighbors who have already inquired as to whom did my driveway”

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