• Asphalt

    Professionally staffed to handle commercial or residential asphalt paving in New Jersey. Over 40 years experience.

  • Excavation

    Excavation projects of any size. Commercial or residential we have you covered

  • Demolition

    Demolition projects of all sizes are handled with with ease at Checchio Paving.

  • Construction

    General construction services for interior and exterior of your project.

Asphalt and General Contractor Serving North, Central and South New Jersey

Checchio Inc. is a paving & construction contractor company serving all of new jersey with residential & commercial construction jobs. We provide several different residential construction services including but not limited to.

Driveway Paving Contractors

We can rip out & remove your existing driveway. We can cut out & pave pieces of your current driveway. We can also pave over your current driveway. Complete driveway paving service available to scotch plains, westfield, clark, watchung, berkley heights including Central Jersey, North Jersey & South jersey .

Belgium Block Contractor

Our belgium block ( Cobblestone) installations are guaranteed to not move! We set our Belgium block in 8" of concrete. Check out our pictures of belgium block installations on our services page. We provide belgium block installations in scotch plains, westfield, clark, watchung, berkley heights including north jersey, central jersey & south jersey

Driveway Apron Contractor

Our Driveway Apron installations are tough enough to withstand up to 30 tons without moving guaranteed! Our driveway aprons can be laid in a variety of designs. We can build your apron with brick pavers or concrete. We install driveway aprons in scotch plains, westfield, clark, watchung, berkley heights including north jersey, central jersey & south jersey

Retaining Walls Contractor

Need to install a sturdy & attractive retaining wall. Checchio Paving & Construction will install custom patterns & will exceed manufacturers recommendations. We can install decorative and structural retaining walls . We can install retaining walls in scotch plains, clark, westfield, watchung, fanwood, berkley heights & other areas of North jersey, south jersey & central jersey.

Concrete Contractor

We build concrete sidewalks, concrete patios, concrete garage floors, concrete aprons, concrete deck footings, concrete footings for you home. We can pour concrete to any application or idea you may have. Our concrete services are available in scotch plains, watchung, westfield, fanwood, berkley heights, edison, clark & other areas of New jersey.

Brick Paver Contractor

If you are looking for brick paver installation in Union County, Checchio Inc. is the preferred contractor. We install techo brand name brick pavers. We install brick pavers on walkways, aprons & patios. Our brick paver installations are available to scotch plains, Westfield, Edison, Clark, Millburn, short hills & other areas of North jersey & central jersey.

Expert Drainage Solutions

We provide drainage solutions for many applications. We can run downspouts to drain in the street, driveway drains, lawn drains, sump pump pits & lines. Our drainage services are available to scotch plains, westfield, short hills, millburn, union, plainfield, south plainfield, fanwood & other areas of north jersey & central jersey.

Grading Contractor

A lot of times grading can be the perfect solution for swampy areas on your lawn or flooding. Improper grading can send water towards your home & initiate flooding in your basement. A simple grading job can save you tons of money on expensive piping solutions. Give us a call & we will guide you towards the right solution for your problem. We provide grading services to scotch plains, westfield, fanwood, clark, scotch plains, plainfield, union & areas of Central New Jersey.

Excavation Contractor

We offer excavation for small & large commercial projects. From full depth basement excavation, small additions excavation, patio excavation and excavation for small projects. You can even rent a machine with a Checchio Inc. operator to do the job for you. Looking to excavate a pond, trench or even landscaping Checchio Inc. will be able to assist. We provide excavation services to the following areas of Central and North Jersey: Scotch Plains, Clark, Cranford, Plainfield, Fanwood, union, westfield, union, watchung & berkley heights nj.

Demolition Contractor

If you need Interior demolition or exterior demolition services no matter how big or small Checchio will even supply the dumpsters if needed. We can remove complete structures such as homes, garages & sheds. Our demolition services can even handle concrete. We also perform bathroom demolition & kitchen demolition. You can save extra when using us during the winter & take advantage of our demolition winter discount. We provide demolition to the North jersey & Central Jersey areas near westfield, scotch plains, clark, cranford, plainfield, fanwood, watchung & berkley heights.